The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation’s Tournament Council announced today that it has approved Nate Smith’s pending world slalom record of 2-1/2 buoys at 43 feet off, which was set at the Ski Ranch Fall 1 on Sept. 7 at the Ski Ranch in Covington, La.

The score surpasses the former record of 2 buoys at 43 feet off that was co-held by Smith and fellow U.S. athlete Chris Parrish (Orlando, Fla.). Watch the video of Nate’s run below:

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    Congrats,I can’t think of a more model athlete than Nate. He is the perfect blend of confidence and humility. I am a sports medicine doc and a pediatrician. When I see a young athlete who is excelling at their sport, I give them the URL’s of some of Nate’s interviews and tell them this is how to handle success. I wish Nate many more years of water skiing greatness. If he ever gets to a lake out here in the Pacific Northwest, such as Abbotsford BC, I’ll be shoreside watching him perform.

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