2018 Junior Team


2017 Junior Elite Team

B3 Midwest Jumpers at 2017 Nationals

2017 Junior Team at camp

2017 National B3 Jump Will Roberts, Brett Stackpole, Jon Leutz

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2018 Midwest Jr Elite Waterski Team

Alyssa Drake (WI)Tianna Kosek (MN)Sam Weber (NE)Brett Stackpole (IL)
Elizabeth O'Callaghan (MN)Hannah Janzig (MN)Edward Roberts (IL)Will Roberts (IL)
Sophie Janzig (MN)Angelina Sarcevich (MI)Isak Nightingale (MN)Jonathan Leutz (IL)
Cierra Karels (MN)Zoe Zylstra (MN)Ty Kosek (MN)Parker Shull (MO)
Mary Nelson (OH)Amanda Luttschwager Rose (MO)Brendan Schultz (IL)Ryan Shipper (MN)

Most Improved

Slalom: Taylor Barkwell (MN)Slalom: Tristen Honke (NE)Slalom: Amanda Luttschwager Rose (MO)
Trick: Julie Mishler (IN)Trick: Ali Weber (NE)Trick: Zoe Zylstra (MN)
Jump: Brooke Grisham (KS)Jump: Tianna Kosek (MN)
Overall: Julie Mishler (IN)Overall: Olivia Krick (MO)Overall: Amanda Luttschwager Rose (MO)
Slalom: Ethan Barkwell (MN)Slalom: Devon O'Callaghan (MN)Slalom: Holden Beinhauer (IL)
Trick: Coltin Bucher (IN)Trick: Tannen Honke (NE)Trick: Harrison Hartzler (KS)
Jump: Jaret Zoellner (IL)Jump: Blake Grisham (KS)
Overall: Dylan Anderson (KS)Overall: Jackson Lanich (OH)Overall: Harrison Hartzler (KS)

2017 All Star Team

Competed at Nationals against the other Regional Junior All Star teams.
1. Sam Weber (NE)2. Brett Stackphole (IL)3. Alyssa Drake (WI)4. Tianna Kosek (MN)
5. Will Roberts (IL)6. Jonathan Leutz (IL)7. Parker Shull (MO)

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