2017 Awards: Mary Jo Power awarded to George Lindy and the Tommy Dorwin award to Greg Johnson

Hall of Fame

Purpose: The purpose of the AWSA Hall of Fame shall be to honor and perpetuate the names and accomplishments of skiers, pioneers, and officials whose dedication and competitive achievements at State and Regional levels have brought lasting fame to the sport of water skiing especially in the Midwest Region. Permanent recognition on the AWSA Midwest webpage and a plaque will be presented to the inductee at a ceremony performed at the Midwest Regional Banquet. Inductions generally take place annually for those elected by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

Rules and Requirements for Nominations:

  1. Any AWSA Midwest Member will be allowed to submit nominations to the Hall of Fame Committee.
  2. Any nominations will need to be submitted in writing to the Hall of Fame Committee Chair. Verbal nominations will not be accepted.
  3. Nominations are due by May 1st. Email nominations to Christy dgskier7@yahoo.com
  4. Committee will consist of the Regional Awards Chair as the HOF Committee Chair and the State Council Representative from each state.
  5. If a state council representative is being nominated, the regional EVP will take their voting spot on the Hall of Fame Committee.
  6. Not mandatory to be awarded each year.
  7. A majority of the Hall of Fame Committee will approve the nomination.


  1. Competitive Water Skiers as recognized by AWSA
  2. Water Ski Pioneers
  3. Water Ski Officials and Technicians

Eligibility for Competitive Water Skiers:

  1. Must be a member of one of the states within the Midwest Region for a minimum of 5 years.
  2. Slalom, Trick and/or Jump Skiers are eligible.
  3. Must have qualified for the Regional and National championships for an minimum of 5 years.

Eligibility for Water Ski Pioneers:

  1. This category is neither defined nor definable, but it is intended for people whose
    contributions to the sport do not fall into the other categories. Ralph Samuelson and Dick
    Pope, Sr. are examples. Those whose principal contributions are as water skiing officials
    should not be considered as pioneers. Individuals whose qualifications relate to the
    development of a specific discipline should be considered, based on the importance of their
    contributions to the sport of water skiing as a whole.

Eligibility for Water Ski Officials and Technicians:

  1. The term “official” is intended to encompass a wide range of functions within the sport.
  2. Primary consideration is given to contributions to the sport as a judge, driver, scorer, safety, AWSA Midwest officer, AWSA officer, and any other AWSA Midwest or AWSA equivalent positions.
  3. Minimum of 10 years of service to the sport.
  4. Selection shall not be based on an isolated outstanding incident. Length of time in service, without contributing significantly to the progress of the sport is not sufficient. Emphasis is on achievements, not on offices held or time served.

Click here for a HOF PDF printout.

Mary Jo Power Award Recipients

1991 Wilma Nock 2003 Mark Boender
1992 Harold & Francile Hill 2004 Mark Boender
1993 Steve Gallop 2005 Jim Beck
1994 John Shull 2006 Dave Clark
1995 Paul Gutjhar 2007 Cory Piercy
1996 Rose Krueger 2008 Kate Knafla
1997 Kelly Dlugosh 2009 Tom Danford
1998 Roy, Barb & Jeff Surdej 2010 Delaina Downes
1999 Carl Trusdale 2011 Peter Dahl
2000 Cory Piercy 2012 Madelyn Baldwin
2001 Glenn Ramey 2013 Jeff Surdej
2002 Jim Babcock 2014 Kelly Zoellner
2015 Emily Dammeyer
2016 Peter Dahl
2017 George Lindy

Tommy Dorwin Award Recipients

1970 Bob Badeau
1971 Lowry Brown 1996 Keith Lindemulder
1972 Ted Beck 1997 no recipient
1973 Bud Piercy 1998 Tom Danford
1974 Gary Lanoux 1999 Rhonda Schmitt
1975 Don Casson 2000 no recipient
1976 Wilma Nock 2001 Bill Harris
1977 Jackie Schraft 2002 Larry Knafla
1978 Margo Klippel 2003 Jeff Myers
1979 Nito & Joy Quitevis 2004 Mike Schmitt
1980 Bill Sams 2005 Matthew Beck
1981 Dan Wendt 2006 Pat Sheedy
1982 Mike Meek 2007 Dennis Downes
1983 Ray Huber 2008 Delaina Downes
1984 Janet Piercy 2009 Christy Kingsmill
1985 John McGuirk 2010 Anthony Adolfino
1986 no recipient 2011 George Lindy
1987 no recipient 2012 Darren Janzig
1988 Garry Litchliter 2013 Nate Smith
1989 Jac Downes 2014 Maggie Tierney
1990 Prissy Edwards 2015 Eric Gabrielson
1991 David Drake 2016 Danielle Dlugosh
1992 no recipient 2017 Greg Johnson
1993 Jim Tranchita
1994 n/a
1995 n/a

Any updates to the records should be directed to Christy at dgskier7@yahoo.com.


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