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Jim Babcock to be inducted into Wisconsin Water Ski Hall of Fame

Jim’s love for the sport of water-skiing began in the 1950s, and for new Wisconsin Water Ski Hall of Fame member, Jim Babcock, it hasn’t stopped since. He became a member of the Min-Aqua Bats in 1965, but was soon drafted into the Navy. By chance he was stationed in Florida where he was able to continue learning and honing his water-skiing skills. Soon after he married to his hometown sweetheart Kay. Jim and Kay lived in Florida and started skiing with clubs there. This is when he started in 3-event skiing, his love of being a competitor quickly branched into being an official.

Moving back to Wisconsin Jim joined the Brown’s Lake Aquaducks in Burlington and then back home to Wausau in 1980. This is when Jim became very active in the workings of the sport of water-skiing locally, statewide and nationally.

Jim has been the Chief Safety Director at State and National Show Ski tournaments. He has been a Driver, Judge, Scorer and National Safety Director for USA Water Ski (AWSA). He has been Chief Safety Director at the World Disabled and World Barefoot Competitions, US Open 3 Event, National Collegiate, National Disabled, National Wakeboard competitions. He is always looking to keep our competitors safe. Jim is also a certified Safety Instructor and has held over 80 clinics that keep our local clubs up-to-date on their requirements. Jim has been involved with the WWSF since 1985, having served as President, Vice President, Safety Committee Chair and, for the longest time, Traditional (3-Event) Sport Discipline Director. He has also been Councilperson to the AWSA of the Midwest Region for many years. Please come help us recognize Jim and others for their accomplishments at the 3rd Annual Wisconsin Water Ski Federation Recognition Dinner being held during Think Tank on Saturday, February 25, at Grand Geneva Resort in Lake Geneva. Purchase dinner tickets and/or register for Think Tank online through 2/19 or on-site.

Congratulations to our Midwest skiers winning awards at the USA Water Ski Banquet!

Dane Mechler for being named USAWS and NCWSA Male Athlete of the Year for 2016.

Riley Daulton for being named NCWSA Female Athlete of the Year in 2016.

Margaret Silhaksek for being award by NCWSA Female Outstanding Leader for 2016.