Team Midwest Rocked Collegiate AllStars on May 17 – 18:

Team members included: Mens Captain – Dylan Brittain
Womens Captain – Riley Daulton, Abbey Bays, Alex Beiersdorfer, Andrew Schmitt, Ari Grode, Austin Doeren, Austin Condra, Blaine Bierschenk, Brett Phillips, Briant Detty, Chelsey Regester, Cody Paggen, Dustin Bodine, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Emma Doyle, Erin Slater, Genna Boeckmann, Hailey Haxton, Jack Lake, Jenny Kaldor, Jeremy Knafla, Jordan Kathe, Kaitlyn Rippel, Katie O’Connor, Kayla Hutchings, Kendra Brooks, Kevin Dammeyer, Lauren Smith, Mary Hamilton, Matt Cole, Max Schwein, Michelle Bullock, Steven Walczak, Thomas Baldwin.

Congratulations to everyone who competed as you showed the nation what we are all about!! Here are some of the highlights:

Briant Detty tied for 1st in the jump event by jumping 135
Blaine Bierschenk soared into 3rd with a 125 foot jump
Andrew Schmitt scored 8th place with a 115 foot leap

Dylan Brittain raking in 2040 trick points for 5th place
Blaine Bierschenk placing 8th with 1390 points
Andrew Schmitt earned 10th place with 1140 points

The women’s jump event proved to be a strong Midwest event:
Riley Daulton jumped 103 feet into 2nd place
Lauren Smith leaped 74 feet for 5th place
Genna Boeckmann took 6th place in a meter battle with a 74 foot jump
Katie O’Connor won 7th place with a 72 foot jump
Erin Slater brought home 10th place with her 59 foot jump

Jenny Kaldor took 4th with 1 at 32 off
Riley Daulton took 7th with 4 at 22 off
Kaitlyn Rippel earned 8th place with 3 at 15 off
Hailey Haxton tied for 9th with 2 at 15 off

Katie O’Connor tricked 1780 for 2nd place
Riley Daulton scored 1180 for 6th place
Lauren Smith placed 9th with a score of 880 points

Everyone was truly a highlight, and the team could not have done it without you!

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