A team competition will be happening this year at Regionals and Nationals. The Regional Teams and Team Captains are:
Illinios – Darr Leutz
Indiana – Jim Beck
Iowa/Nebraska – Kevin Klingbeil/Jason Weber
Kansas – Dennis Downes, Derk Brittian
Michigan – Brent Overmire
Minnesota – Darren Danzig
Missouri – Mike O’Conner
Ohio – Libby Van Treese
Wisconsin – Jim Babcock/Brian Porter

The winning team at Regionals will represent our Region at Nationals. Please let Kate Knafla know who your state’s Team Captain is by March 1, otherwise the Regional Councilmen will be the Team Captain. Jeff Surdej will be our Region Commissioner. Turn in your Team members to Jeff by July 25, 2016.

Download (PDF, 161KB)

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