Midwest skier followed the high record count in the Regional Championships with another flurry of records the following week at the US Nationals held at the same site in Wilmington, Illinois. There were a total of ten new records set in the Midwest Skier category. This category is for performances by skiers from the Midwest at any record capability tournament regardless of location. Since the Nationals were held in the Midwest skiers could also set records in the Midwest Tournament category. This category is for performances at class C or higher tournaments held in the Midwest. Eight of the ten records set in the Midwest Skier category also qualified for placement on the Midwest Tournament sheet.

These are the Midwest Skier record performances:

Giovanni Bloyer B2 slalom 86 buoys (T)

Julie Mishler G3 slalom 88 buoys

Janet Piercy W9 slalom 62 buoys (T)

Bode Bulfer B1 tricks 3770 points (T)

George Bulfer B2 tricks 4790 points (T)

Reid Meinhardt B4 tricks 7110 points (T)

Libby VanTreese W6 tricks 3040 points (T)

Janet Piercy W9 tricks 1460 points

Ty Kosek B4 jump 149 feet (T)

Erin Kalkbrenner OW jump 143 feet (T)

 (T) indicates that the performance also qualified for a record in the Midwest Tournament category

-Jerry Hosner

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