Keep an eye for running orders posted which will be posted soon under Regionals 2019!

RV parking:

The RV parking for this years Regionals will not be at the same location as it has been previously.  We were not able to secure the field directly east of the site but have the field just south of that.  We do not have RV power available for this event and are having to charge $15/night to help offset the cost of renting the field. RV’s will enter the south field off of 53rd street (watch for signage) – you can NOT get there thru the main entrance.  RV parking spots will be marked out in the field – park in one of the open spots and then go to Registration to get a tag and pay for the stay.  Contact John Anderson (cell  316-744-0051) if you have any questions.

Helpers needed:

Dock starters, camera people and drivers for practice are needed.  Please contact the following if you would be willing to help.

Dock starters for main lakes – contact Linda Regester

Dock starters and drivers for practice –

Wichita Cup Wildcard Jumper:

In support of the Midwest Junior Development, we are going to raffle off the opportunity for a wildcard skier to compete in the Wichita Cup Men’s Jump Event.  We will select 5 men’s jumpers from the Midwest to compete in the raffle.  Votes will cost $1 each and go to the Midwest Junior Development fund.  The skier with the most votes by 4pm Friday will be the winner and have the opportunity to compete against Freddy and the other jumpers in the night jump event.  Votes/money will be taken at the registration trailer.

VIP tickets for Wichita Cup:

If you want to have one of the best views on site for this night pro event, while enjoying great food and drinks, we will have a few VIP/Corporate event tickets for sale at the registration trailer.  There will be a limited number of tickets available and they are $50 each.  These tickets also give you access to the climbing wall and inflatables.

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