The Liquid Edge – Wade Cox Open
Slalom Tournament
June 9 and 10, 2018
Free Slalom Sets in May

Mark your calendars for June 9 and 10th, 2018 for the 2nd annual The Liquid Edge – Wade Cox Open!

All are welcome and highly encouraged to ski!  Last years event turned out to by way more exciting than we ever anticipated.  We had cook outs, rvs, dogs, side by sides, new products on display with representatives from Connelly and HO Ski Companies, and beautiful weather.  It was a fun and exciting atmosphere around slalom skiing.  67 competitors from all over the country ranging from 6 to 80 years young!  34 had never skied a tournament before.  HO Ski Company sent profession skier Jon Travers who ran a pass at 41 off his first time on the lake.  (Notice the distance between the handle and the buoy)
To say that Jon loved the weekend is an understatement!  This is the perfect event for you to test your nerves and see if you can conquer the slalom course.  We want to do our part again this year and help  everyone prepare for the tournament, so we will be hosting free practice in the slalom course through the month of May!!! (Details Below)

Sounds great right?  Ski here at The Liquid Edge through the month of May for free!   Our goal is to create a fun atmosphere around the sport of slalom skiing while giving the weekend enthusiasts an opportunity to see how they stack up.  Compete against yourself, your siblings, your best friend, your neighbor, your kid, or anyone else!  This tournament is for all ability levels, and it does not require you to be on 1 ski!   After all, the definition of Slalom is: ( to move or race in a winding path). 

There will be two courses for this competition.  The standard slalom course with bouys roughly 38′ from the center of the boat lane, and the mini course with bouys roughly 20′ from the center of the boat lane. 

There is no speed requirement, and no number of skis required to compete.  Just come out and ski around as many buoys as you can! 

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for:  Anyone who signs up and pays their $10 entry fee.  (That’s right, it’s only ten bucks) is invited to come to The Liquid Edge every Saturday morning through the month of May for a free practice set from 8am-11am.  We want to give you guys a reason to train.  Then challenge everyone you know that they can’t run as many buoys as you!  Nothing wrong with a little friendly competition right?

Don’t think that just because we are catering this event to the weekend skier that there won’t be some serious talent present.  This is a regionally sanctioned tournament and some of the best slalom skiers from around the area will be competing for nationals. 

Last year turned out to be one of the coolest thing we have ever done, this year we want it to be bigger!  We would really love to include as many of our local skiers as possible!  Give us a call, or stop in and we will assist you with getting registered to compete.  309-928-9498

As always, we hope this email finds you and your family well.  Summer is at our fingertips!

The TLE Group!

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