-IWWF has introduced weekly World Rankings. http://www.iwsftournament.com/homologation/getRankingList.php

-Previously, any skiers who used ZBS and shortened the rope before max speed, had a negative buoy count display on rankings dueto how we were handling passing scores to IWWF, this is now fixed.

-Jr. US Open website is updated with fact sheet and qualifications, etc.


-Official Clinic Calender has been updated


-Level 10 programming is coming along great and will be ready on rankings by the promised 3/31 deadline

-Over 35 Worlds bulletin #1 is out


-The Nautique Swerving Weekends is back for 2018 with double the stops.  AWSA will be supporting these events with t-shirts, drivers and safety for insurance coverage and promotion of our membership as we try to promote AWSA to these new skiers.


Jeff Surdej

AWSA President

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