DRIVERS – All drivers can go to the following link and review their boat path.
A folder (Sanction# and one word name of tournament) will be created under 2017 EC by sanction number and contain files named by Sanction # Driver name (ex. 17MWXXX JOESMITH).
We encourage that all driver please review.
The file may be downloaded or played thru the drop box online.
These files are also available to the Regional Council per rule IWWF 15.06

2017 EC Video

UPLOADING EC VIDEO will be done by the Tournament TC or designee as follow:
1) Ensure DVR/Recorder time stamp is in sink with the Scoring Program.
2) Scoring Program now has a time stamp data sheet that can be exported (txt file) that will provide the driver name, skier, rope length, speed, score and the TIME (provide scoring is done live/real time). If not score live, recommend use a print out of running order and record driver name and time on the running order (Driver/Scorer should provide).
3)TC to export file from the record. RECOMMEND coping a file for each driver (Class E/L/R Only), approx 30 minutes of his/her short line skiers. This should include all ELITE Division Skiers.
4)Convert the file to AVI (use the EFPLAYER/DVR player program).
5)Name each file by SANCTION #. RECOMMEND -Name file by Sanction# DRIVER NAME (Example 17Sxxx Joe Smith)
6)Upload the files include the TIME STAMP file from the scoring program (or a copy of running order with driver/time) to the drop box using the following link.

Dropbox – Submit Files

NOTE: TC Chairmen or designee will move the files from this drop folder to the 2017 EC Video folder to make available for review.

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