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Location: Waters Edge, Wilmington, IL (31049 Slalom Ln, Wilmington, IL 60481)
Date: July 30 –  August 1, 2021
Holiday Inn & Suites Joliet Southwest-779-206-2915
Hampton Inn I-80 (815)725-2424
Town Place Suites I-80 (815)725-2400
Motorhomes: Register here (no cost)
No pop-up/camping tents allowed, no generators greater than 65db.

Qualification: Advancement to Regionals is based on the Ranking List. All skiers ranked Level 6 in any event or overall as of August 13, 2020 qualify for Regionals.
At the Cut Off Date the Ranking List Average of the last ranked skier in each division in slalom, tricks, jump and overall will be established as the Cut Off Average (COA) for that division.
Last Chance Qualification: After the Cut Off Date any skiers not qualified via the Ranking List may still qualify for Regionals through 3 last chance qualifying methods (LCQs):
1. Increases your average equal to or above the COA any time after the Cut Off Date.
2. Record a score equal to or above the COA at any tournament class (C) or above after the Cut Off Date.
3. Place in the top 3 at your State Tournament.

Register: Online at under events and registration or Send entries to: Jeff Surdej, 21500 W No Wake Ave, Wilmington, IL 60481. All skiers must check in on site.  Skiers who have NOT met all entry requirements MUST complete their entry requirements no later than 30 min. prior to their first event. Bring your email receipt as back up documentation.
Collegiate Student Discount: $25 off. Enter code SiGoN in club member code when submitting online registration.
Registration Hours: All skiers must check-in on site. Skiers who have NOT met all entry requirements MUST complete their entry requirements no later than 30 min. prior to their first event. Bring your email receipt as back up documentation.
7/29:  9am – 7pm
7/30: 6:30am – 7pm
7/31: 6:30am – 12pm
Entry Fee and Deadlines: In an effort to receive earlier entries we will have a tiered fee. If you qualify after July 1st or ski on your state team, use code SiGoN to waive late fee.

Class E, L, R Registration received by July 1, 2021 Registration received by July 26, 2021 Registration received by after July 26, 2021
1 event $95 $130 $130+$10/day
2 events $110 $145 $145+$10/day
3 events $120 $155 $155+$10/day
Family (3) Additional $70 $245 $300 300+$10/day

Tournament Director: Waters Edge Ski Club
Chief Judge: Kate Knafla
Chief Scorer: Mike O’connor
Chief Driver: Rich Greene
Chief Safety: Jeff Van Tresses
Tech Control: Jeff Surdej
Chief Announcer: Steve Woodland

Awards: 1-5 (Individual events) / 1-5 (overall)
Practice: Practice is $30.
For slalom – 4 passes; Trick – 2 passes; jump – 3 jumps
• Practice will be held all day on July 28-29, and after the last event of the day July 30, There will be no practice at the conclusion of the last event on July 31st. Skiers who register for regionals will receive a link to register for practice.
• Practice will end at 8:30 p.m. sharp, no exceptions.
• Skiers must be registered and paid for Regionals in order to sign up for practice.
• Skiers will be only be allowed to sign up once per event they are skiing in Regionals.
• Practice tickets are not refundable.
• Each boat will have one assigned driver and one assigned rope handler. One pin person will be allowed during tricks only. No other individuals will be allowed in the boat during practice except for tricks, NO EXCEPTIONS.
• Set times are tentative, please show up one hour before scheduled pull.
• You must be ready in the water for your pull, waiting times will result in a loss in passes or jumps.
• Trick practice will be held on Lake 1 (Jump and Trick lake).
• Slalom will take place on Lake 2.
• Practice may be stopped at any time for Technical Controller and/or mapping.
• Skiers with shared equipment are not allowed to schedule back to back with each other.
• Towboats are subject to change at any time and will depend on the availability of boats provided by boat manufacturers.

Volunteers: Waters Edge is looking for volunteers to help run the Liquid Edge Midwest Regionals from July 30-August 1st.  We need dock starters and camera operators. Please use the link below to pick a time(s) throughout the week that you can give back to the sport.  Any help is appreciated.  The time slots are 90 minutes long so please check the schedule to make sure it does not conflict with any of your events.  Thank you.

Comments: Council meeting Thursday 1pm. Judges meeting/dinner Thursday 6:30pm. Both on site.
Friday Night: TBD
Banquet: Banquet 7:30pm, no ticket necessary for skiers but attendance MUST BE INDICATED ON YOUR ENTRY. Additional tickets available for $15.

Running Order

Friday-T/J Lake 7:00                        Friday-Slalom Lake 7:00

Trick                      Jump                     Slalom

W6-11                   B4-5                       M5-11

G4-5                      W5                         W6-11

G2-3                      B2-3                       G1

B2-3                       G2-3                      G4-B4

M5-11                   G5                          B4-5, B1

Saturday- T/J Lake 7:00 Saturday- Slalom Lake 7:00

Trick                      Jump                     Slalom

B4-5                       G4                          M4

W5                         W3-4                     B2-3

W2                         W6-11                   G2-3

M3                         M6-11                   G5

OW,W1                 M5                         W5, M2

G1                          M3-4                     M1, OM

B1                           MM

Sunday- T/J Lake 7:00                    Sunday- Slalom Lake 7:00

Trick                      Jump                     Slalom

W3-W4, MW        W1-2                     W1

M4, MM                OW                        W2

M1                         M1                         W3-4

OM                        M2                         M3, MM

M2                         OM                        OW

*Subject to change based on entries

Checking your qualification:

To see if you are qualified, head to,
– Select your division
– Select an event
– Set the qualification filter to 2021 Midwest Regionals

Click Update Display and find your name in the list.

In the rightmost column, you will see a link describing your qualification.

Click on that link to see more details about your qualification.

Comment with any questions.