Jack and Lelani Travers and the Sunset Lakes crew are very excited to host the 2014 World Over 35 Waterski Championships, October 8 through the 12th. Over the last 41 years, we have hosted countless tournaments including the Disabled World Championships, the Junior World Champions and several Masters Last Chance Qualifiers, USA Open Team Trials, USA Junior Team Trials, and Pan Am Team Trials…

Sunset Lakes is located in Groveland, Florida, on 110 acres/50 hectares surrounded by rolling hills and live oak. It offers 3 private waterski lakes; all equipped with slalom courses, jump ramps, and one of the finest tournament approved towboats. All members of our professional staff are handpicked and trained by Jack and Lelani, to ensure our guests have a high quality, fun and safe waterski experience during their stay at Sunset Lakes.

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Find out more about their site here: Jack Travers Ski School
Contact Information:
Lelani Travers: h2oskijacks@aol.com

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