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2019 Inductees:

Fred and Rose Krueger:


Competitive Water-skier/Water-ski Official

Presented to me by Darr Leutz,


I’m writing you in support of my nomination of Fred and Rose Krueger for the 2019 Midwest Region Waterski Hall of Fame.  I’m very passionate that they are extremely deserving of this recognition, and in this letter, I hope to convince you and the board of the same. 

I did not know Fred and Rose in their early years of water skiing, but after I moved down to Illinois in the late 1980s and early 90s, they were incredibly supportive of me and my families endeavors to learn and grow in the sport not only in Illinois and in the Midwest, but Nationwide! They have become our ski family each and every summer.  With their help, we went from weekend-wally-skiers to regional and national competitors, and so now our children carry-on the same passion for the sport. 

In the early 1970s, they were show skiers in the Decatur SKI club. Fred would ski on almost anything, jumping and barefooting in the show, and Rose would dole out skis and ski with whatever equipment was left over. She could ski both right and left foot forward back then. Looking for a new challenge, they broke in to competitive waterskiing. Then in the late 70s, they helped to form a club with the Mabry’s, the Hulls, a handful of other waterskiers in the Decatur area at a borrow pit east of town.  In 1978 the People Involved in Tournament Skiing or P.I.T.S. was formed with Fred and Rose as founding members. This began the era of private water ski lakes in the Midwest, and since then the PITS have hosted several Midwest Regionals, Illinois State tournaments, and Collegiate Regionals.   

Fred was a teacher in Decatur, and Rose worked at A. E. Staley’s in the accounting department.  The P.I.T.S. needed a boat, but Correct Craft would not promo a boat in the club’s name, so even though living on a very limited funds Rose and Fred decided to become Ski Nautique promo owners for the club and accepted all risk and liability. Fred would order, purchase, pick up, and deliver the boat personally for over 20 years for the P.I.T.S.  Fred and Rose started the Midwest junior development program and many of the MWJD clinics were held at the P.I.T.S. Each year Fred and his helpers collected cans all summer long and especially after collegiate tournaments. He then would turn them in for cash and donate all the funds to the MWJD. They were always giving back to the sport that they love so much.

Fred and Rose waterskied and officiated for the P.I.T.S., Illinois, the Midwest Region, and Nationally for over 40 years! They recently retired from tournament water skiing, but as Senior officials remain very much involved in the sport. They still volunteer their time to attend in officiate many tournaments each year and work in any capacity that they can to help run the tournament. They do this all over the Midwest region and the Nation.

As most of you all know, they were The Quintessential waterski family with humble frugal beginnings, they taught their 3 children how to ski and become tournament skiers. Fred being a shop teacher and excellent with tools, made his own skis for their children.  With Five 3-event water skiers, and some of the members of the Krueger family sharing skis, Fred personally told me one year in the ‘80’s that he strapped 18 skis on his pick up truck/camper combo, and headed to the Midwest Regional tournament! Many of you have seen that truck and little camper top, and I still cannot believe that five people and all of their gear would fit! 

Nevertheless, Fred and Rose were amazing competitors and would win many medals and awards. In fact, Fred just recently won Men’s 9 slalom at the 2017 Us Nationals in San Marcos, Texas after chasing it for 52 years!  The couple produced three incredible waterskiers; all of which became champions and successful skiers in their own right. And so the Krueger Waterski tradition carries on with Lori, Julie, and Freddy‘s families. All 6 of the grandchildren are now tournament skiers.

Again, I’ve only known Fred and Rose’s since the late ‘80’s, but I’ve come to love them and I’m so proud to be a part of their “ski family.” They have been very supportive of me and Dawn and our kids waterski activities, and they never say no when asked to officiate or help at a tournament. They are in my opinion the epitome of what our sport is all about… Family, Friends and the Love for a sport that keeps giving back to all of us in so many ways! 

Thank you for your consideration. 

Darr Leutz, M.D.

2018 Inductees:

Don Bucher


  • Tournament director for four Hoosier Classic Pro tournaments from 1975-1978
  • Started first man-made ski lake in Indiana Cindonway Shores
  • The host of over 100 USA Water Ski sanctioned events
  • Recipient of the Rollie Williams Award – awarded for sportsmanship and leadership in skiing in Indiana
  • Midwest Regionals Chief Judge (2), Chief Driver (2) and Chief Announcer (2) and appointed (1000)
  • AWSA Nationals Appt Driver (2), Appt Judge (10), Appt Scorer (1) and ACJ (1)
  • EVP Midwest (7 years)
  • AWSA BOD (12 years)
  • AWSA Vice President (6 years)
  • USA Waterski BOD Midwest Director (10 years)
  • Chairman of USA Water Ski BOD (2 years)
  • Numerous Regional Podium Placements and one National Medal in 2017

Dave Clark


  • Created the WSTIMS scoring system in 1987 and has been updating and maintaining it ever since.
  • AWSA TC, Senior Scorer and Pan-Am Judge
  • Supporting role at every Midwest Regionals from 1984 – now (34 years)
  • Served as Judge, Scorer, Chief Scorer , TC at AWSA Nationals
  • Worked with the NCWSA from 1988 to current at most all Midwest Regionals and NCWSA Nationals
  • Chairman of the AWSA Technical Committee for 10 years
  • Midwest representative of the AWSA Rules committee for 10 years
  • USA Water Ski Director for the Midwest from 2010 – 2016
  • Chief Judge of the Worlds in 2005 in China
  • TC of the 2015 Pan Am Games
  • 2010 Water Ski Foundation Award of Distinction

Tony Knight


  • Current Missouri State Records: Mens 3 Trick and Jump, Mens 4 Slalom, Trick and Jump
  • Current Midwest Championship Records in Mens 4 Trick and Mens 4 Jump
  • Current Midwest Tournament Records in Mens 4 Tricks and Mens 4 Jump
  • National Medals – 16 National Medals, including 2 national titles
  • PanAmGames (twice) – 2 times medalist in slalom, jump, overall single medal in trick
  • 35+ Worlds (twice) – 2 time overall champ, medalist in trick and jump
  • Countless work with skiers for 3-event and show skiing at Lake St. Louis
  • Worked as a judge for AWSA for years
  • Holds multiple ski clinics for 3-event
  • Holds clinics for disabled ski clinics

Dick and Wilma Nock

  • Both AWSA members since 1959
  • Wilma
    • Senior Scorer for 40+ years
    • Regular judge and worked at over 100 AWSA Tournaments
    • Chief Scorer for multiple regionals and appointed score for numerous nationals
    • 2 time national champion in trick
    • World Trick Champion at the World Master Games
    • Received the Water Ski Hall of Fame Award of Distinction
  • Dick
    • Senior Driver for over 40 years
    • Drove is over 150 AWSA tournaments
    • Served 6 years on AWSA BOD
    • Chief Driver for multiple regionals, appointed driver at nationals, drove 2 world tournaments
    • Two time slalom national champion
    • Served on the AWSEF Board of Trustees for 20+ years, and still chairs the committee of selecting trustees
    • World Slalom Champion at the World Master Games
    • Received the Water Ski Hall of Fame Award of Distinction

Bud and Janet Piercy


  • Bud has 20 National Championship titles
  • Janet has 19 National Championship titles
  • Officials since 1971
    • Bud Senior Driver and Senior Judge and Safety
    • Janet is a PanAm Judge, Senior Scorer, National Chairman for Judges and Scorers Committee
    • Both have Chief Judged Midwest Regionals
    • Janet was Chief Scorer of Midwest Regionals and Nationals.
  • Janet Midwest Director from 1997-2003 and Honorary National Director
  • Both the recipients of the first Lifetime Achievement Award from the USA Water Ski Foundation
  • Developed Championship Lake Estates in Nebraska
    • Hosts tournaments
    • Hosts the U Can Ski 2 Disability Clinic
  • Competitors, Officials, Coaches, Ambassadors for the sport

Steve and Janice Prociw

  • Steve – 3 national jump titles and 4 runner up jump national placements
  • Janice has 30 National titles to her name between Trick Jump and Overall.
  • They are tireless volunteers as officials and coaches. They also work at a disabled ski clinic each year, sharing their love for the sport.
  • They are promo boat owners, helping make tournaments in the western part of the Midwest possible.
  • Steve is a rated safety official and boat keeper extraordinaire at every tournament he is at.
  • Janice is a Pan Am rated judge and has judged every level tournament imaginable and is a senior scorer. She not only judges as one of the best in our region, she is devoted to bringing up younger judges and making them better through patience and teaching.
  • They are true ambassadors of our sport and we are lucky to have them

Ron and Dottie Troeger



  • Together have been involved in tournament skiing since 1957, boasting over 100 years combined of service to the sport of water skiing
  • Dottie a senior judge and regular scorer in all three events, dedicated to officiating fair, but also helping younger skiers understand scoring and how to get better.
  • Ron is a highly sought after senior driver, past Midwest Regionals Chief Driver
  • Both have volunteered at countless Regionals and Nationals over the years.
  • Educators:
    • Numerous judges clinics
    • College focused drivers clinics to help make for safer college drivers
  • Coaches
    • Dottie and Ron coached a bunch of young ohio kids through the years
    • Ron has been very involved with coaching at Miami Ohio, got them to Nationals in 2012.
  • Ron was on the Ohio council person for the Midwest and helped build one of the first ski jumps in the state of Ohio.
  • Both received the Ohio Distinguished Service Award
  • As athletes, they made their first nationals in 1967 and only missed one until 2008
  • Both have multiple national podium medals and placements.
  • The Midwest lost Dottie in 2010, but we welcome Ron to the stage to accept his and his wife’s award.