Last minute Regional updates

Keep an eye for running orders posted which will be posted soon under Regionals 2019! RV parking: The RV parking for this years Regionals will not be at the same location as it has been previously.  We were not able to secure the field directly east of the site but have the field just south […]

Safety Needed for Regionals

Mark Houser this year’s Midwest Regional Tournament Chief Safety. He is looking for 10 to 15 volunteers to help with safety duties. If you are planning to attend the tournament and have a rating of state or greater your help would be greatly appreciated. You my contact him at  Again, your help is greatly […]

Promo Boat Contacts

Hope the weather is working in your favor this spring. If any drivers are interested in promo boats. Here are the contacts for each manufacturer. Aarne Clow <> Anthony Monaco <> Dennis Kelley <>